Clever Argos App for Christmas Wishlists

Argos wish list app is very clever, for a child its easy to use they just swipe
through the toys and add them to their wish list ready to go electronically to
“Santa”! My two wrote their lists on a
piece of paper but this is much more colourful, they can add stickers numbering their choices and draw squiggles or write their name to make
it look fun and exciting once its finished, I would show pictures of what they created but my phone is also my only camera at the moment! The video below shows you more about the app though thankfully!

It’s useful for us parents too as you can set price and
gift limits to make sure your children are keeping on budget and the list is
not getting out of control! You can
adjust the max price per item from £1 to £570; although the top end seems
particularly lavish, I set it at £100 as a compromise. Then I positioned the maximum gifts they
could add to 10 (the maximum is 30). 
You reach the parental controls by doing a simple sum, probably a little
too simple! Although at worst all your
child can do is max out the budget and number of gifts they hope to get…

helpers that guide your child through the wish list are colourful and
sweet! Not your average elf by any shot
but adorable in their own way nonetheless. 
You can pick from a choice of five, my eldest choose Squidge an energetic helper with little antlers! 
Your child can then take a picture of themselves and add their name.

Browsing through the list is simple and
entertaining, the options at the top let the user quickly find what interests
them the most. Eldest (at 7) flicked through
leisurely adding his ten items. Once
added it’s easy to remove again if you change your mind and find another toy
you love more!

After you have customised your list you can write on it, number your choices so Santa can see which of them are your most favourite and then send it direct to the North Pole. The helpers all do a little dance of celebration once the letter is sent so it does help build up the Christmas excitement. Then afterwards my youngest who is five was keen to make his own list. He asked which was the strongest looking helper as he wanted that one to assist him! Probably as he could carry the most presents!!!

is a great way to find out the gifts your children will really love this
Christmas, the last thing I want is for them to spend the day disappointed as
“Santa” got it all wrong! As their
interests change so quickly, it’s worth hanging back with some of the Christmas
spend till last minute. I made this mistake
and now it’s ALL about Minecraft, when last month it was everything Pokémon!

The Christmas list when it arrives to your nominated email has the links and prices of all the items, so you can easily purchase the toys you want. I like how when your child goes through selecting toys they do not see the prices so it looks more like the elves have to help make the toys!

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