Drumond Park Shout! Competition

have teamed up with my friends at Drumond Park to giveaway
Shout! (RRP £29.99). This game is
pitched for children 12+ otherwise I would have been eager to review, it
certainly sounds an interesting concept. 
The name of the game gives you some idea of what to expect, it’s a loud
frantic fun!

two love being noisy so when they are older, they are only 5 and 7 at the
moment, I am sure they will want to add Shout! to their extensive Drumond Park
game collection. It sounds ideal for
Christmas, a lovely family game session to stop you all snoozing off after the big
turkey dinner.

are given challenges to do; the game cards really do get your brain cells
ticking! It sounds like the challenges
are quite varied, so you’re likely to be able to contribute something to the
team effort! Great to play in a big
team so you can all help each other out. 
Plus if you are clueless its not so noticeable when your playing with a
larger group! You can always rely on
someone to have an idea about the answer. 
The timer is incorporated into the game cardholder so it’s always easy
to see when time is running out! You
can feel the tension building up as you desperately try and solve the challenge.

You just shout out the
answers, the faster the better. I quite
like fast-faced games; they keep me entertained, as I cannot stand long drawn
out games that seem to go on forever!!! 
My attention span requires that a game has enough going on to keep my
interest and having to think on your feet and then fire off answers at speed
would stop me from getting bored. I
think it’s a fabulous mental workout, as quirky questions get you thinking.

For stockists and to play games online, visit www.drumondpark.com

you would like to enter the competition to win Shout! then please fill out the
form below by the 13th of December.

Drumond Park Shout! Game

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