Fraser Bear’s Snow Story

of Fraser have created a sweet children’s story to celebrate the fabulous toy section
on their site. It revolves around their
adorable Fraser Bear plush (also available to buy online) and his little brother,
Baby Bear. The two of them are drawing
Christmas pictures but Baby Bear does not recognise what snow is. The story is going live on their blog this weekend, so you can introduce your own children to the cute pair of Bears.

In Snow Story Fraser Bear then goes through various explanations to try and describe snow to his brother, explaining how cold it feels and comparing it to a white blanket over their garden. But Baby Bear still looks on confused, shaking his head. House of Fraser challenged bloggers own children to draw a suitable ending for the story to help the bears out. I thought this was a lovely campaign, as I really like encouraging my children to colour in and express themselves artistically, plus it gets them to take part in story telling.

Eldest was keen to be involved, he liked the two bear characters but the icing on the cake was having his very own Fraser Bear delivered to get him
thinking creatively! The story came to
life for him having the actual Bear by his side as he got stuck in drawing. I think once your child see’s Fraser Bear from the House of Fraser blog you might find you get badgered to get them one!

think he did a lovely job with his drawing, Fraser Bear looks very handsome in
his red jumper, just like he does in real life, and the bowl of whipped cream looks quite appetizing. All in all a fabulous addition to the Snow Story. I had a feeling eldest might go for a sweeter explanation of snow, seeing as ice cream had already featured its no surprise whipped cream was chosen as an acceptable alternative!

I do love his thinking of snow being like whipped cream, Baby Bear seemed to like
that suggestion. Baby Bear has probably had lots of whipped cream with his honey pies!

to eldest, Baby Bear then said, “Now I know what snow is”.

Phew! Fraser Bear let out a notable sigh of relief! Poor Fraser Bear was feeling quite exhausted coming up with different suggestions. He seems a very supportive big brother though, happy to help his sibling learn what snow is.

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