Giving the Gift of Music

To be honest my boys
Christmas lists can get a little repetitive with mostly computer games and
figures for their computer games featuring! 
I want to expand their horizons and motivate them to have time away from
the screen on occasion. I thought that
the gift of music is something a bit different; I like the idea of encouraging
them to learn an instrument. The school
have started offering instrument lessons and I am keen for my eldest to
practise at home to make the most of the opportunity. Music is a wonderful form of expression and you can often learn
more effectively through the medium of music.

Musicroom have a great
gift finder on their website
which makes it considerably easier to pick out gifts. You can tailor your search around a particular instrument and
price, then aim it at kids, adults or both. 
You are then presented with a large selection of products meeting that
particular criterion. It certainly
takes the stress out of browsing through endless pages to find a suitable
gift! It really does let you see the
best that the Musicroom has to offer in a simple and fun way!

have stumbled upon a wide range of perfect stocking fillers; the Spongebob Squarepants
themed instruments are ideal. Great
value and would be very popular with most children, I have not yet found a child
who does not like Spongebob Squarepants! 
The 6 inch tambourine is only £6.99 and the Egg Shakers just £4.99,
Spongebob’s face looks particularly comical on them, both would make lovely
gifts this Christmas. Holding
instruments can really help with hand eye co-ordination and these sets are just the right
size for younger children to manage and of course the design makes them ultra appealing! Children will relish experimenting with the different sounds the instruments make.

Now that eldest is having drumming lessons I think I will be shopping more regularly at Musicroom! If your budget is tight you can of course make your own musical instruments as a family but I still think at these prices it would not hurt to splash out on a few proper instruments as well. After all apparently playing a musical instrument makes you brainier! So I think that can help me justify spending a few hundred on a drum kit surely! Well that’s what I will be telling hubbie…

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