How Travel has changed

year James Villa Holiday
commemorates its 30th anniversary and as part of the celebrations
they have shared some interesting research of how travel has changed in that
time. It makes for a fascinating
read, being 36 soon I have lived through these changes so can completely

30 Years of Experience In The Travel Industry - Infographic
James Villa Holidays – 30 Years of Travel Infographic

For one trips abroad are now more accessible to the masses, as flights have become more affordable. When I was growing up we did not venture overseas instead holidaying closer to home, Butlins was a firm favourite back then it was not until I was 14 we went to Spain as a family, until then we were at the mercy of the UK weather…

In 2014 more people wanted a private pool, I think I would have to bundle myself in with that statistic. I like the idea of having our space and also it would be great to help the children along with their swimming. With access to your own pool you can completely relax and unwind, without having to deal with groups of people dive-bombing in on you!

Italy has increased in popularity, this is one place I am keen to head to and have not yet had the opportunity. The thought of all the authentic ice cream and pizza is too hard to resist! It’s nice to read books are still the most important item for holidays! I like nothing more than relaxing on a lounger with a good book myself, although those days have been and gone now its all about occupying the boys. It’s good to see the mobile phone has not overtook books yet, but I think this is only a matter of time as we all seem heavily reliant on our phones these days… it gets a bit addictive wanting to share your holiday snaps on instagram and facebook! I think having a blog makes me more social media orientated than most!!!

I have not set foot in a travel agents in years. I like to do everything online without the pressure of a sales assistant giving me their ideas! You can research your destinations, look up reviews and find the most suitable place to visit with your family with no pressure. If I am honest I have looked up James Villa’s holidays a few times so in the not to distant future we will hopefully be lazying around our own private pool!

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