Keeping our Puppy Safe with Swell

I always termed a dog cage as “puppy prison” but since
having our beautiful little dog I have changed my mind! It’s actually really handy owning one, if we
stayed over at my parents Summer would have had to stay in the garage. Well my dad’s garage is a hazardous place
for a dog eager to chew everything in sight! 
My dad has all kinds in there, lots of tools she would try and nibble,
nails to try and digest and cables to chomp on! So in the interests of her safety I decided a dog crate was a
sensible and practical idea for our precious dog. Even in our kitchen were she normally slept we caught her on
occasion squeezing underneath the cooker up to mischief and mayhem…

went with the Jumbo
Dog Crate from Swell Pets so she could fit in comfortably even when fully
grown. It was great value at £34.49 and
a really good size. At a price like
that you cannot use the cost as an excuse not to try out crate training. Summer has adjusted very well to the crate,
if anything it’s helped with her toilet training. The crate reminds them of their “den” in the wild, which they do
not go to toilet in. It’s lovely waking
up in the morning to a happy puppy glad to come out for a fuss than deal with a
pile of whiffy poo first thing!

plastic tray at the bottom of the crate is easy to clean if you did have a
little accident. But I am keeping my
fingers tightly crossed Summer is finally getting the hang of it. The crate seems very sturdy and secure she
has not managed to go Houdini and do a great escape! She loves it, even if the door is open she will choose to stay
inside when its naptime! It gives her
some peace from the boys when she is tired after a big walk and wants to feel safe.

If a dog cage is too big then a dog might still go to toilet in it as it won’t feel like a den, but Summer seems to consider this her den as she is keeping it nice and clean! What a good puppy we have, but to make sure your puppy adjusts well having a bed that covers the entire area can help! Summer is so used to her little red bed I did not want to part her from it just yet.

Thank you Swell Pets for having such great products for puppies!

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