Magno-Z Magnetic Fun

My eldest was very excited with the magnetic capabilities
of these novel little toys.

They have
bright wacky coloured hair and bodies and they stick to each other so you can
create whatever takes your fancy! 
Eldest had a crown, a bracelet and a tower at various points.

They are interesting stocking fillers for
Christmas, a bit different from the run of the mill contents you often
find. It should keep them busy anyway, you might if your lucky get a little extra shut eye whilst they try and create a new pair of glasses!

For £2.99 a pack you can quite
easily build up a collection without spending too much. Individually they might not seem as
thrilling but add them all together and the possibilities are endless.

jewellery options are one way to use them, but the fun does not have to stop
there you can stick them to anything metallic and decorate as you please! The only problem was the puppy enjoyed them
too! She was drawn to the bright
colours and sadly two of our merry team of Magno-Z figures met an untimely
death at the hands of a teething puppy! 
So whatever you do keep your most favourite things out of reach of
dogs. My eldest was fortunate he was
sent so many and his Magno-Z adventures still continue in earnest, phew!

children coming to play here are all intrigued by them. I can see them as the next BIG craze, loom
bands bah so last year surely! These
are quite addictive, even I love joining them up and seeing what can be
achieved. I read you can also decorate
bikes, so will have to get eldest on to that when he drags his bike outside! His enthusiasm to ride his bike has waned
with the cold weather… he much prefers playing indoors sticking his Magno-Z
figures on anything metallic or making more shapes!

can also mess about with their hair or see how far they stretch, plenty of
scope for imaginative minds to enjoy them. 
It also helps teach children what sort of objects magnets attract. A lesson in magnetism can be very educational but never boring with these crazy

You can find out more at their website.

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