Maya the Bee Plush Competition

You might already be familiar with Maya the Bee, the
friendly looking bug stars in her own series on Tiny Pop. It’s a preschool show and being very colourful
and bright the animated series will certainly appeal to its target audience.

is quite the individual, very curious and adventurous the show documents her
journey into a more responsible member of the hive. But along the way its wonderful seeing her enthusiasm and
excitement in the world around her. She
has some lovely friends that accompany her on these journeys exploring nature
and meeting new creatures, admiring the beauty in everything she sees.

is such a lovely show to introduce to your children, very sweet and gentle
unlike some children’s shows that end up frightening the bejesus out of
them! This will never happen with Maya
the Bee, Flip the grasshopper and Willy a smaller bee friend. The characters are so likeable and
entertaining. I love the grasshopper
motto in life you need to learn to bounce back, such an important lesson to
teach children and of course Willy illustrates the importance of napping! Again a nap is pretty essential for the
preschoolers so it’s nice the show includes that. He either wants sleep or he is thinking of his tummy again!

is very determined she thinks she can contribute just as well as the adult
bee’s, she wants to collect pollen and help out when she can! So when she is not playing, she is
interested in learning more about the hive mechanics but its does not always go
quite to plan!!! You can find more information about Maya the Bee on her official facebook page.

have a Maya plush for two lucky winners so if you would like a chance to win
one then please fill out the form below by the 16th of December. I am sure this will be a popular competition,
as the plush looks so cute and cuddly!

Maya the Bee Plush (2 winners)

71 thoughts on “Maya the Bee Plush Competition

  1. I like watching Tiny Pop with my daughter because it's a very positive gentle kids show. She is quite sensitive and it's one of only a few shows that I know has no risk of inadvertently upsetting her!

  2. This is a new one for us, we have only just started watching shows at 11 months old (Wasn't interested before) and still isn't on and off. Some days he will sit and watch, most days he plays. So much to do, so little time!

  3. My Grandchildren would all love this. Now who to give it to, mustn't have favourites so Nanny will have to look after it so they can all take turns when they come to stay over lol

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