My Dream Kitchen

bought a house that used to be something quite different, so its not quite
geared up for domestic use. We are
starting from scratch to make it look like a family home again! The kitchen is practical but not beautiful,
I have quite big plans for it. I want
to knock out the separate pantry to make it a better-shaped kitchen. The pantry might sound a useful addition but
all it does is house boxes and boxes of junk!!! So getting rid of the pantry would force me to reduce my clutter
and streamline my life…

like to do as much as we can ourselves; hubbie is a dab hand at painting and
fitting flooring and skirting. But
other jobs we will need more skilled advice and knowledge. The structural engineer would have to come
back to see if there are any load supporting walls before we go in all eager
bashing down the pantry!

I want the kitchen to be the hub of the home, a warm and
inviting room that we can spend time in quite comfortably. At the moment its functional I will give it
that but very commercial, we have taken away one of the extra sinks (seriously
three was overload!). I want a neutral
colour scheme and then add some colour to the blinds to liven things up! I want a massive fridge, the boys are ALWAYS
hungry and our smaller fridge can never house enough food to keep them going
throughout the week.

I have got my mood board at the ready so when we do have
some spare cash operation transform the kitchen can start in earnest!


Beko Larder Fridge, Ikea Bosse birch stools, Victoria Plumbing Butler Sink, Oak Furniture Solutions Island and English Blinds Sherwood Teal

have created this mood board in association with Beko

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