NAVA Straighteners Review and Giveaway

was sent these gorgeous NAVA straighteners to review; I love the bright vivid
pink colour and the beautiful presentation box. It feels like a quality gift from the moment you set eyes on it. Their faith in the quality is represented
with a lifetime warranty, which I think is quite generous of the company.

like to straighten my hair for evenings out with my friends, generally of a
morning its such a manic rush I do not get the chance. Although my hair does look better for being
straightened otherwise it’s a bit flyaway and unkempt. Fortunately the NAVA straighteners heat up
fast so you can find time to straighten your hair even on those most hectic of

like that you have the flexibility to adjust the temperature, you feel more in
control of your styling experience then. 
Depending on how demanding your hair is to straighten you can adjust the
dial from 140F to 450F. The solid
ceramic plates also distribute that heat evenly so styling your hair has never
been so easy! They are great to
handle, they feel very comfortable to hold.

always worrying when you use products like these that you can damage your
hair. Heat damage can increase the
dryness of your hair. In the past I
have made sure I use a heat production spray before starting to
straighten. Fortunately NAVA uses FAR-Infrared Technology a type of heat that does
not damage the hair. Also I found I did
not have to keep going over strands of my hair, the straighteners work very
effectively, so I feel I am not exposing my hair to as much styling as I would
for an inferior straighteners brand.

These attractive straighteners normally cost £99.99 but they
have a fabulous UK introduction price of £79.99 at the moment. So if you were wondering what to get your
sister or female friends for Christmas, I think you will find some inspiration
with these. NAVA have been even more
generous and if you go through this link to the buy it now page and put in the discount code rms_supersaver exclusive
for my readers you can actually get the straighteners for £49.99 (shipping and
handling is free in the UK)!!! I am
sure your family and friends will think you have spent considerably more, as it
really is a lovely gift, which works so well! See half my hair straightened on the left and half not touched on the right to see the difference.

I straightened my hair last night and its still looking
pretty straight this morning, I like that it lasted because I am a low
maintenance mummy!

You can keep up to date with all things NAVA through their
social media, facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram.

Now I am sure you guys are keen to try these out for yourself
and fortunately I have been offered a pair to giveaway! Just fill out the form below by the 18th
of December.

It’s open Internationally!!!

NAVA Straighteners Competition

179 thoughts on “NAVA Straighteners Review and Giveaway

  1. Well I'm bald so I suppose if I won these I could use them as a mini George Foreman grill. Or I could give them to my Mother in Law for Christmas. Nah, screw that, MINI GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL!

  2. I do not go to hairdressers very often (cost) but a lovely lady hairdresser recently showed me how I could smooth my unruly hair and curl it using a pair of these straighteners! I so would love to try myself now

  3. I'd like to win because my straighteners (which are always getting hijacked by my teenage daughter these days) are old and kind of limping along. If they break…..I can cope, but I suspect a full teenage meltdown and refusing to leave the house would happen if my daughter didnt' have them lol.

  4. My hair was gorgeous through pregnancy but the minute I had my son my hair just became totally unmanageable! It's bushy and then has random patches of waves which I never had before pregnancy. I think these straighteners are just what the hair doctor ordered!

  5. I would be so thankful if I win this! I have really unruly hair, including that it looks like a ball of fuzz (not the good kind) whenever it gets colder, and not to mention rain and snow! Hehe

  6. My hair is out of control at this time of year and I've never had a pair of straighteners before, so fingers crossed!

  7. I have never had any straighteners but to win some would be great as I definitely need them but cannot afford them

  8. I have to straighten my hair at least once a day as it is so frizzy and fly-away otherwise. I really need a new pair and would love to try this brand. Thanks for the chance 🙂 x

  9. I would love to win these so that society doesn't have to put up with the sight of my frizzy hair that looks like a brillo pad that has sat by the side of the sink for 6 months with legionella.

  10. I would love to win these so that society doesnt have to put up with the sight of my frizzy bushy hair that looks like a brillo pad thats sat by the kitchen sink for 6 months feeling sorry for itself

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