Pampering Christmas Gift Guide for the Grown Ups

it’s the grown up’s turn to have some Christmas gift idea’s after I did a children’s
gift list
last week. I have been
trying out a few items sent to myself, which would make lovely gifts. Part one will focus on pampering gifts.

frazzled parents need to take time out to rest and unwind; life with children
can be particularly hectic especially around this time of year. So I think products that centre on
relaxation are perfect, they make you focus on yourself and recharge your

QVC Country Candle Wonderwick 

loved these candles available from QVC
priced at £29.25 currently.

As the
nights draw in I enjoy lighting candles, the flicker of light looks beautiful
and these candles more so than most. 
The have a wooden wick so they actually crackle like a mini real
fire! I have lots of candles dotted
around the living room but these are my new firm favourites, they are that bit
different with their unique wick feature.

candle is a decent size so I squirreled one away for my mum in her Christmas
hamper I am making. So if you bought a
set you could quite easily use it as three separate gifts. Although you will find it very difficult to
part with the Gingerbread candle especially, the aroma is wonderful, very
festive. I admit that one never made it
in to my mum’s hamper… They
have a long burn time and a lovely fragrance. 
Cheaper candles seem a good idea at the time but are a wasted
investment; the Wonderwick burns for 50 hours! 

Elle Macpherson Aromatherapy Foot Spa

this foot
spa is a real treat, there is nothing more indulgent than enjoying soaking
your feet in a bubbling spa. My mum
always has a foot spa on the go but bless her model looks nothing like this
fancy piece of kit! It is all singing
and dancing with five extra special features, so well worth the £74.99 price
tag in my opinion! I am not going to
let my mum set eyes on it or she will have foot spa envy.

think if you are going to invest in something like this it’s worth paying that bit
more and getting the latest technology and the most interesting functions. The soothing massage gets rid of all your
tensions and I have plenty of those in the shape of two boys who love to argue
with each other! So once they head off
to sleep I can set up my foot spa and feel my troubles drift away in warm
comforting water. 

vibration element targets the reflexology points on your feet, which can
encourage healing! Every part of my
body aches in winter so I might be soaking my feet every night to rid me of
discomfort. You can add essential oil
to enhance your experience, so alongside the massage you can also enjoy an
aromatherapy mist, which will further relax you and depending on the oil used
have other useful benefits. Peppermint
can reduce chocolate cravings supposedly (I might need to try this!) and Sage
can reduce blood pressure and improve concentration but there is plenty more
information online about how certain oils can improve your ailments. For me this aspect of the foot spa is a BIG
plus point. 

BRAUN Satin Hair 7 

hair can be a bit unruly, of a morning it’s a frantic sprint to get the boys
up, fed, dressed and out the door in time for school! I am lucky if I find time to check a mirror to see if I have
toothpaste smeared around my mouth before chasing them out the door into the
car! With the right brush though your
hair can look considerably better without spending a long time styling it. The Satin Hair 7
brush is such a clever idea; with each brush stroke your hair looks
smoother and healthier. I could feel
the softness too! 

love wielding this brush in my battle against static. It has transformed my locks with the revolutionary technology
(IONTec) and I finally feel my hair is under control. It does seem unusual having a hairbrush that actually takes
batteries but the active ions tame frizz in a way your regular brush could
never manage! So I am more than happy
to keep the BRAUN Satin Hair 7 topped up in batteries so I can flick my hair
around like one of those fine ladies from the commercials. Hubbie thought my hair looked better anyway
and that’s a good enough compliment for me. 
You cannot hear anything when the brush is doing its thing, but a light
does go on when the ions are working their magic.

the moment you can buy the brush for £18.99 from Argos. 

Venus & OLAY

Shaving can be an arduous task, but it can be more enjoyable with the right razor. I really like how Gillette have teamed up with OLAY to help with moisturizing the skin. This particular gift set would be very welcome for the lady of the house with the snazzy pink and white razor and the lovely Sugarberry scent making it an appealing gift.

Combining the skill set of Gillette and OLAY means you will have a smoother more comfortable shave than ever before! It is a more indulgent shave, quicker and generally a more positive experience (so you won’t find me sporting yeti hairy legs this winter hooray to that!). Shaving regularly removes dead skin too so your legs look better all round, with it being the holiday season and all about looking your best, I must admit I am glad I have this razor in my beauty itinerary. For £10.99 in Asda, its a well priced gift for those interested in beauty.

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy

Winter can be exceptionally harsh on your hands, I am finding mine are getting quite dry and cracked so the gift of softer hands this Christmas can be quite appropriate! I love this set available to buy from Presents for Men, at £21.99 it might seem more expensive than your usual brand of hand cream but its beautifully presented and its nice having the choice of six different creams to pick from. Each one contains Shea Butter so your hands get a wonderful pampering treatment as it all soaks in.

The six tubes are convenient size, you can easily stash one in your pocket or handbag for when your on the move, so your hands can quickly have a moisturizing fix whenever they need it most. The fragrances are delicate but very pleasant.

Baylis & Harding Weekend Essentials Bag

Lloyds Pharmacy have some great gifts for Christmas and they sent this particular one as an example of what they have to offer. Given they have a number of MEGA deals on at the moment its a good time to stock up! The Baylis & Harding Weekend Essentials Bag is one of those deals at £19.99, I think you get such a lot for that! The bag itself was a highlight for my mum she pinched that straight away, I on the other hand was more than happy with the generous contents. Baylis & Harding products are always presented well, so make fabulous gifts for Christmas.

It can always be a worry buying all the gifts for Christmas, its hard finding enough cash to get round everyone. Fortunately Lloyds Pharmacy have plenty to suit whatever budget you have, if you focus your Christmas shopping around the special offers you might have enough money left over to buy yourself something indulgent! As usual Baylis & Harding get my vote (just in case hubbie happens to be reading!).

You can also save time by shopping in the gift idea’s section, then narrowing down the category depending on who you are buying for. It takes a lot of the stress off Christmas.

Eternity for Men Gift Set

It can be hard to buy for the men in your life, socks and handkerchiefs do not tend to go down too well! I am surprised my dad tolerated them so long when I was a kid! Now he has wised up and insists on better gifts.

Aftershave is a great gift for men, you always feel more confident and attractive surrounded in a mist of appealing fragrance. I really like the Eternity for Men gift set from House of Fraser, it comes with aftershave and shower gel so you can make doubly sure you smell gorgeous!

It’s an easy gift to buy, you can get it for every man in the family and then possibly team it up with a shaving set if your feeling exceptionally generous. Eternity is a refreshing fragrance and very masculine. The set normally costs £33 (currently on offer for £29.70) but your paying that bit more for a long lasting cologne from an established brand.

Wilkinson Sword Grooming Kit

Hubby is really pleased with this grooming set; he has recently grown fond of having a bit of facial hair however found it difficult to maintain it neatly. The set comes complete with the Quattro Titanium Precision Razer, Mirror, Manicure Set and 200ml bottle of Hydro Precision Transparent gel.

The razor is a very user friendly tool it has everything you would want from a razor, it gives a superbly close shave especially when paired with the gel, it has an edging blade and a nifty battery (AAA) powered trimmer built into the handle!

Hubby thinks the mirror is great he always has to hop out of the shower to shave, now he has handy mirror he can pop onto the tiles and shave without getting cold! I know secretly he is pleased to have his very own manicure set too – now he has no excuses for long scratchy toe nails!!

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