Pines and Needles Bumper Christmas Giveaway

have teamed up with the lovely folk over at Pines and Needles to help make
Christmas more special. I am going to
be giving away a 6ft Nordmann fir (£50.95), water holding stand, mini Christmas
tree, holly and mistletoe for one extremely lucky winner. It will transform your house to a winter
wonderland so its one competition well worth entering!

is a big thing, its great to embrace it and make the most of those cherished
moments with your children. I have
always wanted a real tree, we finally have the space so can soak up the
Christmas atmosphere this year! Nothing
quite beats the smell of a real tree, that subtle pine scent that fills the

great thing about the Nordmann fir tree provided in this competition is that is
ideally suited to life indoors, as it’s a non-drop tree! So you can enjoy the beauty of a real tree
without the mess and chaos of non-stop falling needles! Much easier to admire when your not
constantly having to sweep them up.

It can be something of a family
tradition going to pick out a real tree, but for some of us we do not have the
luxury of places selling trees on our doorstep. Pines and Needles make
purchasing a real Christmas tree a very convenient process. The Pines
and Needles website is easy to navigate so its simple to find your perfect

can handily deliver nationwide (to the UK mainland not the Scottish highlands
& Northern Ireland, so please bare this in mind when entering the
competition) trees up to 8 ft. They also
stock a comprehensive range of lights and decorations to complete the
look. These are no ordinary baubles
they stand out and look beautiful. I
think the Silver
Glitter Glass Ball is particularly gorgeous and would make any tree look
very luxurious!

you would like to enter this generous competition then please fill out the form
below by the 28th of November and keep your fingers crossed your home
will be magically transformed in time for Christmas.

Christmas Tree Competition

255 thoughts on “Pines and Needles Bumper Christmas Giveaway

  1. I love the website. It looks very professional and you can tell they have a lot of experience in their field. It think it's great they have everything you need for Christmas decorating in one place, saves you hunting about for everything x

  2. It's great that it's sustainable and gives a quality guarantee.You can't beat the smell of a real tree first thing in the morning with you open the living room door.

  3. my false tree broke when packing it up last x-mas but I miss the smell of a real tree and the excitement of when you pick "the" tree

  4. I think the company appear to be a quality & trusted company. I like the fact that you can book your tree for a day that suits you and I like that they have years of experience and that they give back to charity too! Their decoration service looks amazing – something I haven't seen before but is perfect for people like me who spends hours decorating the tree and stressing over every fine detail!

  5. Excellent website with clear information on the first page regarding quality assurance etc which gives the customer reassurance that Pines and Needles are a company to be trusted. Website is clear and I love the additional services offered including the decorating service and the fact that the company will be in regular contact with the customer regarding delivery (text messages and calls re delivery). The only thing missing is reviews by previous customers.

  6. Real trees and your Christmas decorations at brilliant prices all in one place and saving you a lot of hassle as they deliver straight to your door. Awesome.

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  8. Great site, looks like lots of information (including answers to question that people have posted eg Does it smell) Lots of hints and tips too – and can get your decorations at the same time too

  9. Wow, I've never seen anything like them before. They are a one-stop shop for Christmas decorations. How fabulous!

  10. the company looks fantastic with such a great reputation looking at how it has grown over the years. the trees are beautiful and they bring so much joy to families across the country

  11. I love 'Pines and Needles honesty'- they realise their role in the environment and ensure for every tree that is felled, three more are replanted. That is excellent.

  12. Easy to navigate website. Plenty of choice. Like the caring for your tree section for those who haven't had a real tree before.

  13. I have to be honest, I don't really agree with real trees as I think that enough trees are killed through the year through construction etc. However I was pleased to read that Pines and needles trees are sustainably grown. Good on you guys!!

  14. Really missing sleep please give us a peep of what it would be like to be almost regals, with such a fabulous Christmas tree kit, with Pine and Needles. Why that equals a very Christmasy Christmas… oh how she wheedles! 😉

  15. I've liked their FB page for a long time now, the website itself is nicely laid out with some fantastic trees and ideas for decorating. They're nice to chat to as well 😀

  16. I think its great to have a business of this type online. Also have some lovely products and a variety of price ranges

  17. theres a brilliant selection, i have no transport so this would be amazing! ive always stuck with fake trees as i cant collect. would be lovely to have a real tree for once! some really pretty ornaments (decorations) too

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