Shnuggle Moses Basket Competition

have kindly been offered a rather gorgeous Shnuggle
Blossom Pink Moses Basket (£75) to giveaway to one of my followers. These look fabulous but are also extremely
practical, they can be wiped clean which is always a bonus! It’s hard to forget the explosive poop days
when it seems to escape even the most secure of nappies and get everywhere!!!

baskets are never going to come up as clean, not with all those hidey places
for leakages to make themselves at home. 
Shnuggle have developed a hygienic solution that is also attractive and
comfortable so works on so many levels.

especially love that Shnuggle are so keen on being chemical free, their
products are very safe for your precious newborn. I did not realise that traditional Moses baskets have to be
fumigated on entry into the UK! If I
had I would never have felt settled when my boys slept in their wicker basket.

Shnuggle Moses Basket can help regulate temperate the ventilation holes at the
bottom can prevent overheating. I
remember manically checking temperatures to make sure my boys were at a
suitable level, so anything to help with the hot summer days (they will be
back!) and give parents some reassurance is good enough for me.

is a very hard-wearing basket, strong and stable, all the characteristics you
need when looking for a safe and sound place for your baby to sleep. Once you have children in your life you soon
learn to worry more! But great products
like those Shnuggle provide take away some of that stress. It pays to do your research and make an
informed decision when purchasing new baby items. With Shnuggle products developed by a family, they meet the needs
of your own family more closely than a product formulated by people with no
understanding of babies!

parents soon realise how much they actually miss sleep, when you finally get your baby
off to sleep you want them to stay settled and content in the land of nod until
the following morning. You need a
basket that does not creak with every little movement and risk waking them
all over again. Fortunately the Shnuggle Moses basket is completely silent. Hooray to that!

you would like to enter to win this stylish Moses basket please complete the form below by the 7th of

Shnuggle Moses Basket Competition

129 thoughts on “Shnuggle Moses Basket Competition

  1. Rebecca Evans
    The Shnuggle bath with the bum bump! Who'd have thought it?! Well obviously Shnuggle did…great product 🙂

  2. These innovative products are making life so much better for new families. Want, want, and need this for our new Jan 15 family member! And we might well order the wonderful baby bath too!

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