The Camouflage Company Total Bag Giveaway

As a parent you always need
to carry more than most, the little people always have items to pass to you
(treasure they find along the way!), requests for snacks (that need instant
fulfillment or face the risk of child meltdown!) and ample wipes to clean off
grubby faces and messy hands! I have teamed up with The Camouflage Company to giveaway one of
their total bags worth Β£30.

The prize is practical and
gorgeous in equal measures, ideal for any mum to cart all the “things” children
need but in a beautiful bag. It’s a functional option for parents;
the total bag does what it says it really is ALL the bag you will ever
need! You get an outer bag which is roomy enough for bigger
items (even a laptop!) and then you get a very useful cross shoulder smaller
bag which you can use together with the attachment loop or separately.

When the boys were younger I
must admit cross shoulder bags were a must! It meant my hands
were free with no bag slipping down as I attended to the boys! There is nothing
worse than having to keep readjusting straps when you are desperately trying to
maneuver your children safely across a busy street.

The design is very pretty and
eye catching for all the right reasons. To be honest all
of The Camouflage Company bags are very appealing, they have a wide range of
bags to meet all your storage needs. So hide your
clutter away in chic caddies, bags and baskets! If you’re
expecting visitors you can soon transform a messy house to more of a minimalist
haven. I so need to stock up then as
our house is out of control…

If you would like to enter then please fill out the
form below by the 17th of December.

The Camouflage Company Bag Giveaway

191 thoughts on “The Camouflage Company Total Bag Giveaway

  1. makes a change for bags to look good, be big enough to be useful to a Mum and not look like your grans old handbag πŸ™‚

  2. I love their bags, great choice of designs and fab quality. I have a very large blue stripy bag that I am using to store towels and bedding in till my bathroom has been decorated. They are very strong and extremley roomy x

  3. I have been looking for a bag that fits my junk and my 11 month olds junk, these look perfect.
    I didn't want your average baby changing bag, they are too big. These look the perfect size, beautiful and something I could happily show off!

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