The Great Gift Company Stocking Fillers

boys present pile is slowly stacking up but stocking wise I must admit I was
struggling slightly I wanted something to really capture their attention, a
novelty but still vaguely educational and I finally found it on the Great Gift Company website, Astronaut
Ice Cream! I cannot wait to see
their surprised faces on Christmas morning. 
Eldest loves hearing about space travel and the difficulties of food
preparation and storage, so having a taste of astronaut ice cream would amuse
him no end! Fortunately space food is
meant to be more appetising these days, so fingers crossed this ice cream goes
down well.

classic is the potato
zapper, I did not get one this year but it certainly caught my eye for when
they are a bit older. For £5 it’s a
bargain for the stocking and given it runs on potato power you do not have to
keep buying little bullets… everyone usually has some spuds in the house! When my youngest is a tad more sensible I
will definitely get them one.

love walkie
talkies and the worlds smallest ones will squeeze into a stocking quite
nicely! This would be a popular choice
with my boys and their love of adventure, they could communicate to each other
and plan some heist or other, probably using a potato zapper to get candy off
the neighbours!!!

boys enjoy noise, they are loud and likely monkeys! So the sound machine from The Great Gift Company would probably appeal to them so they
could create even more sounds than usual, especially burps on demand that would
go down a treat…

The Great Gift Company certainly have Christmas wrapped up! I
am just a little sad their lucky dip boxes all ran out before I had a chance to
order one. I like the surprise element
but so did everyone else unfortunately because they are out of stock. But £60 of gifts for £20 was such a good deal;
I cannot blame people for rushing off and buying them all up!

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