When Two Becomes Three #milestonemoments

When you first become a parent its quite a shock to the system. Your idyllic ideas about life with a newborn might not quite live up to the hard reality! You suddenly have a little person to look after 24/7 and you will probably find your own needs get quickly forgotten as you go about your life in a heavy fog of sleep deprivation! There are so many new things to get the hang of, nappy changes, winding, doing up the million poppers on a baby grow!

But it’s not just the day-to-day practicalities that matter when you bring a baby into the world; you suddenly have HUGE commitments and responsibilities. You want to do your best to provide for your family and ensure a prosperous future for them.

Our own mortality is something we naturally do not like thinking about, but when you become a parent its important to have safeguards in place for your precious bundle. We were quite reluctant at first to get life insurance and wills drawn up but with a little persuasion from a friend I soon saw how important it really was.

I am glad Aviva are trying to encourage people to understand this too with a series of video’s about milestones we might face in our lives. It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in those moments, but it’s also important to think about the bigger picture and make provisions for the future.

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The video is really informative, lots of helpful guidance to make the transition to new parent easier so well worth a watch. I would certainly agree with joining a baby group, great for your sanity as you all sit around drinking tea and giving each other sympathy over the harder parts of parenthood!

You can share your #milestonemoments on the Aviva Facebook page and even have a chance of winning £250! The competition closes on the 14th of November, so be quick.

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