Wonderous INK Review & Competition

were sent two of these fabulous books, one each for both my boys. Their arrival was met with much excitement
as each book arrived in packaging labelled with their name! They ran off to open them, full of
enthusiasm to see what was inside.

books themselves are personalised with their names and the story revolves
around the letters in that particular name. Depending on the letters found in
the child’s name they will learn about its meaning through a series of lovely
characteristics like Terrific, Helpful and Smart.

are such sweet books and an absorbing read. 
It is quite the adventure working through the book hearing about the
challenges met along the way as the main character (your child) does one good deed after

think for children its wonderful hearing pleasant things. It’s a very positive experience reading a Wonderous INK book, all the kind words
helps buffer their confidence and leave them feeling in high spirits. Sometimes with children you feel your always
pointing out the negative, not intentionally its just the way it works out, how
many times have you added the word “but…” after saying something nice. This book just focuses on the good, the bits
all children want to hear more of.

book costs £19.99, which includes delivery. 
It is a colourful high quality book that children will cherish! Well worth the price, you can preview before
ordering just to make sure you happy, but I am pretty certain you will be
nothing short of delighted with your order. 
At the end of the book you can also delve into an online Wonderous World
with your own special keycode so the fun does not stop when you finish reading.

you would like to win your own personalised Wonderous INK book then please fill
out the form below by the 24th of November.

Wonderous INK Personalised Book

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