A Christmas Stocking Just For Me!

Generally Christmas is all about the boys and so it should be! I love seeing their little faces light up when they discover all the treats and presents, it is such a magical time of year and I cherish every moment! But that’s not to say I do not appreciate the occasional gift for me! I was very pleased to unwrap a Christmas stocking from House of Fraser.

It was filled to the brim with wonderful gifts and gave me lots of ideas for presents for my own family! I love the festive hot water bottle cover; I am a fan of hot water bottles especially at this time of year living in such a cold house! The reed diffusers are delicately fragrancing the living room and making it smell Christmassy. The candle is great very long lasting, I have been burning it for hours and it still has plenty left to go!

The Linea range is very affordable but still looks like a luxurious gift. The Linea Mistletoe & berries single candle is the most perfect scent for Christmas and as it’s been reduced from £20 to £10 so all the better! The Linea candle and reed range has so many different scents the hardest part is picking out a favourite. I think I will be gradually working my way through them all, one Christmas and birthday at a time! Least hubbie will know what to get me from now on. They do have some really good deals but you have to be quick before they go out of stock. My Enchanted Forest Botanical candle was reduced from £16.00 down to £4.80! No wonder it flew off the shelves!

You can see more information on all the stocking contents in the lovely home department of House of Fraser. Now I have had a taster of what they have to offer I definitely want a few more bits. I think I am developing a bit of a candle obsession, my living room is slowly getting inundated with them but I cannot stop adding more to my collection. I really enjoy the glimmer they bring to the room of an evening; it really relaxes me and improves my mood! After a stressful day a soothing fragrance and gentle glow helps make everything right in the world again, that and tea and cake of course!!!

So why not spoil your loved ones this Christmas and make some grown up stockings.

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