A Merry Netflix Christmas

will be our first Netflix Christmas and
I must admit I am very excited by their line up. Watching their Christmas ad gave us a little taster of what was
planned so we have made a start today enjoying Brave.

The selection of films offers something for all members of the family, from the very young to the oldest. The temperature has really dropped so it’s a relief having suitable family entertainment to snuggle indoors with. We have cracked open the festive cakes and turned on all the Christmas lights, Netflix is enriching our time together.

It’s so handy we can watch Netflix on different devices too, it gives us the flexibility to escape from each other when it all gets too much! The boys together for two whole weeks is a recipe for disaster, they need some space from each other or the tensions run high and a full on wrestling match ensues. So we can ship one off to their bedroom to chill out with a decent film on the Wii and leave the other one to enjoy it on the television or tablet.

Netflix is very useful for parents over the festive period, there is so much to juggle and do, gifts to wrap, school nativities to attend, multiple Santa’s to visit! Allowing your children to watch Netflix gives you the opportunity to play catch up. Otherwise everything piles up and you feel frazzled and stressed unsure you will get everything done in time. Netflix has such a varied selection so there is always something appropriate to watch.

As the boys count down the sleeps, the excitement builds uncontrollably. Our elf is keeping them in high spirits with little gifts and notes; the boys are fuelled on chocolate selection boxes from many a Santa and the contents of their advent calendars. We need downtime, where we can calmly watch a film together (aside from the occasional roar from daddy!).

If you are completely new to Netflix you can benefit from having your first month free, I cannot think of a more ideal time to give it a try than over the Christmas holidays.

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