Christmas Crafts with Yellow Moon

Yellow Moon delivery was very
welcome, it’s actually perfect timing really as it’s freezing outside and I
want to find something fun to occupy the boys. 
They are hyped up on everything to do with Christmas so themed sets
especially go down well at this time of year. 
We had a friend over at the weekend and her two young children so they
were quite happy to be involved too.

boys were keen to make Christmas cards for their teachers; there is nothing
more rewarding than seeing them be creative. It’s much more thoughtful than bought Christmas cards because they have
spent time and effort colouring them in nicely and adding glitter foam stickers
and Christmas stamps. The glitter
stickers are sadly out of stock but the Santa’s
Workshop Stickers (£2.99) look an ideal alternative.

stampers were excellent value at £2.99 for 10. The festive red and green colours and designs really transform
Christmas crafts. My eldest made a card
for Eddie the Elf using them. Eddie
must have liked it very much as he then brought a little present for my son
through his elf door!

boys really liked building Santa’s Workshop;
it looked really well made when they had finished adding all the extra
details. Priced at £3.95 for a pack of
two so great for siblings to have one each to focus on. Eddie the Elf later hid a treat inside each
workshop because he was proud of their efforts. Seasonal crafting with Yellow Moon is helping keep the magic of
Christmas alive and is also handy for extra decorations to make your rooms look

We even added some Christmas sparkle outside!

have some fabulous bits to fill Christmas stockings, I personally like the
sound of the Christmas
Parachutists, if you have quite a
few children you can soon fill the stockings up quite easily with multipack
buys like that (£1.99 for four). But
the fun does not end there; you can add Christmas rings, tattoos, lollipops and
cups or you can focus on filling it
with small craft sets to keep them busy Christmas morning so you can get the
turkey in the oven and start preparing the vegetables in relative peace.

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