Christmas Tonsillitis

Well I must admit I was looking forward to Christmas, I
had a fancy bottle of Harrods champagne to share with my mum, I was excited
about all the delicious food on offer and having quality time together as a
family! Instead I was gargling salt
water, chain eating strepsils and popping painkillers like they were going out
of fashion!

The boys were so happy with everything Father Christmas brought it was such a nuisance being in pain and not fully behind the festivities. A Christmas stocking filled with this lot had my eldest in good spirits. The boys slept well, they do not tend to wake early for Christmas as they are worried they might disturb Father Christmas and face empty stockings!

I did everything I could to cure the tonsillitis first,
honey, rest, plenty of fluids but I just got worse and worse until by day four
I was drooling, splitting blood and in absolute agony! I managed to get an out of hours doctor’s
appointment for some medical assistance, which was no easy feat over the
Christmas holidays I can tell you! I
was grilled about whether I actually needed to see a doctor (no I just ring the
helpline on boxing day for kicks, seriously?!?) and what was my level of
pain?!? I think she could hear the admittedly muted (I sounded like I was
talking through a mouthful of wasps!) desperation in my voice and finally
relented and let me see the giver of antibiotics who became my savour.

48 hours later I was a new girl! Full of the joys of Christmas again, able to partake in the
Christmas cake, the mince pies and the trifle! 
Fortunately the boys had a lovely Christmas anyway and I tried to get
involved a little with them every day, watching them build their LEGO sets,
blowing bubbles, playing board games and getting the hang of Disney Infinity 2
in between all the naps my parents insisted I took (although to be fair I did
feel like the infection had taken a hold of me!).

But hopefully I am better now and the boys have plenty
more days off with me so I am keen to work our way through their present pile
and discover and explore the contents of each wonderful box! I missed not having the energy to commit
myself fully to Christmas this year and felt dreadfully guilty. For all the food and drink I longingly
watched everyone else enjoy what I missed most was that precious time together. So I am getting lots of cuddles now I am on the mend!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Tonsillitis

  1. Poor you, I spent the Christmas before in agony with what felt like needles sticking in my eyes. I spent Christmas dinner with tears streaming down my face.At least you have a week left to play with kids before they go back to school.

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