Dover With Children

am getting a touch of cabin fever; we have not jumped in our car and had a road
trip for months. Usually we are off
here, there and everywhere, embracing what this fine country has to offer us. Due to the house renovations all the spare
money has been sunk into that and hubbie keeps putting his foot down if I
suggest a journey elsewhere. I was
reading the Park Resorts blog and Dover
in Winter sounds quite magical, the castle looks fantastic, we love
exploring so that would be ideal for my boys!

have English Heritage membership now so we could visit for free. The secret wartime tunnels would be a real adventure for my boys, very atmospheric but educational too. It is quite a hike though and I noticed on
trip advisor one comment recommending comfortable shoes and wrapping up warm,
so bare that in mind when you attempt the hilly location of Dover Caste with children in tow.

two boys would like the transport museum, they like seeing different vehicles
and that would amuse them for a good afternoon. A family ticket is £18, which is very reasonable given you can
come back as many times as you like during the coming year. A wonderful way to explain how far vehicles
have come along, the boys will be surprised with how they used to look!

would not head to the White Cliffs of Dover with my two, they would venture too
close to the edge and I would be having palpitations! But definitely one to try for some lovely photo opportunities if you
have very sensible children who listen well… 

for us a visit to Dover would not be complete without a trip on the ferry! We would head down to the port to see all
the hustle and bustle, the boats coming and going and hopefully take a day ferry
crossing. Park Resorts regularly blog about
different locations dotted around the UK so well worth a read if you want to
plan your next family holiday.

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