Dr.Oetker Ristorante Pizza and Wine Guide

and wine what a palatable sounding combination. I love the convenience of pizza; teamed up with a crisp salad and
an appropriate wine choice you can sit down to have a wonderful meal together. With turkey season upon us and a
never-ending series of meals based around it, having a pizza or two stashed
away in the freezer to break the turkey boredom is very welcome!!! Your guests will certainly thank you for it and they offer so much in the way of choice.

have produced an excellent Pizza and Wine Guide so you can ensure your pizza teams well with your chosen
glass of wine. If I am honest I am a
little clueless when it comes to wine, I enjoy the occasional glass but have no
idea what best compliments different foods, so this guide is exceptionally
handy for me. I am a big fan of
Ristorante pizza and prefer dining at home, when you have young children its
tricky organising childcare so I would rather eat in the comfort of my own home.

realises the odd glass of wine is therapeutic after a tough day and their easy
to follow and in-depth guide really enhances the pizza eating experience. It brings a new level of sophistication to
dining at home with pizza. My personal favourite
is the Pizza Mozzarella all that fresh cheese is delightful, the smell is very
inviting and the taste delicious, so I was keen to see what wine they
recommended I enjoy with that. The
guide suggested Verdicchio Classico at £4.99 a bottle from Morrisons. You can see more information on their videos
too, an example I have included below so you can see just how informative they

like how the recommended wines are affordable. With the pizzas themselves having an MMRP of
£2.99, it becomes an inexpensive
way to entertain. I like socialising
with my friends but my budget cannot stretch to eating out often, so Dr.Oetker
have a great alternative that most people can comfortably afford.

guide details why the chosen wine is well suited for that particular pizza and
provides serving suggestions for it. I
feel like I have had quite an education in wine and cannot wait to invite the
girls over for a pizza and wine evening. 
Forget the cheese and crackers I would much prefer to sink my teeth into
one of the many Ristorante pizza’s instead.

can find out more information on the Dr.Oetker website www.oetker.co.uk

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