Easy Ways to be Green

I like the idea of being greener, I recycle a lot, I have to actually jump on top of the contents of my recycling boxes to crush them down and fit everything in… blogging does bring lots of cardboard boxes that’s for sure! I also try and make sure I turn off lights in rooms no one is using, if I didn’t I think our house would look like the Blackpool illuminations as the boys and hubby seem to enjoy basking in the light of a million bulbs! I am naughty with my tumble dryer, I really need to start hanging clothes to dry! We all have our little vices and mine would most definitely be that. It’s better for clothes to dry naturally too; I have lost count of the number of tops I have shrunk to obscurity.

Some changes are easy to make, you would not even notice your doing them, like buying a new car from the BMWi electric car range. With a hybrid car you’re making a real difference for the planet without compromising on performance or comfort. You get everything the other BMW models offer but with it being much more economical. Hybrid’s use significantly less petrol and reduce CO2 emissions. If I had a car like that perhaps I could justify the occasional load of washing in the tumble dryer without feeling quite so guilty!!!

Hybrid cars are increasing in popularity, I think lots of consumers want to do their bit to help the planet. Its great BMW have a range of cars that appeal to that market. It’s great knowing your car is not adding as many toxic emissions into the environment, I want to do what I can to help make this planet a wonderful place for my sons and their prospective children. I do think we all have a responsibility to look at where we can make little lifestyle changes to build a better future. 

A quarter of CO2 in the UK comes from transportation, this article is quite eye opening. It’s definitely the motivation you need to look into getting a ultra-low emission vehicle and it’s reassuring how much support you get from the government for making those changes, including a low carbon car grant.

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