Feeling Christmassy With Febreze

I was really spoilt with this Febreze gift to showcase
their winter collection. I have a very
windy puppy at the moment and the Apple & Spice is a welcome
alternative! Honestly the poor puppy
eats anything she finds so as you can imagine she gets quite whiffy! But a quick spray soon banishes the
unpleasant stench and makes me feel festive instead.

We have a beautiful tree twinkling away and Christmas
decorations and cards dotted around the room so we definitely want the aroma to
match the Christmas scene we are trying to set. The Apple & Spice is my favourite but Warm Cedarwood, Winter Garden and
Vanilla Latte are all ideal for this time of year.

Another great thing about Febreze is the price. You can easily stock up on quite a selection
of seasonal scents without spending a fortune. 
I do not feel guilty indulging my Febreze habit even on my meagre
budget. After all it’s a quick and easy
way to get into the mood for Christmas with such warm and comforting aromas.

house smells much better, I love giving the sofa a quick spray before guests
arrive, everyone comments favourably about the delicate scent. It’s great to not only mask unpleasant
smells but also help them fade away completely. Using Febreze transforms my mood; if it’s been a hectic stressful
day relaxing in a room filled with uplifting fragrances soon makes me feel
better. I quickly unwind in the soothing scents.

like how the range has developed and you can also buy candles and reed
diffusers, you can soon surround yourself in agreeable smells! Ideal as little extra’s for hamper gifts for family and friends this Christmas. Everyone has a smell they would like to banish…some of the scents
of Christmas are appreciated but others not so much. For the stinky smells in particular all I
can say is thank heavens for Febreze.

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