Hiring a Nanny

Watching Supernanny makes me occasionally wish for a nanny here. A trained professional that takes it all in their stride, not getting flustered or agitated. Dealing with any given situation with apparent ease and still finding time to give the house a quick once over! 

I would love someone who knows how childcare should be approached and can get my two boys ready for school in an orderly fashion! Honestly it gets a little wild here at the moment, I am not sure if I should blame the extra sugar, the build up of Christmas or my parenting technique… 

It could possibly be a mixture of all three but whatever it is, they have been particularly feral lately! They are pushing and shoving, squabbling and fighting. If one of them has something they make a point of letting the other one know how much better what they have is, it’s a constant game of one-upmanship! There is the odd brief respite where they might share the occasional calmer moment. But generally the time they spend together is challenging. Do not be tricked by their cute smiles they are as grizzly as the bear.

I find it hard in the holidays juggling my blogging deadlines and refereeing my boys. They have a well-equipped playroom, plenty of books and toys but unless I place myself in the middle of them a wrestling match is guaranteed to ensue. I could do with heading to a childcare recruitment agency to hire a suitable candidate. A mixture of Supernanny and Mary Poppins would be ideal, keeping them in order but still ensuring they are happy well-developed individuals. 

I would not want someone all the time, just every now and then, just to have a conversation with hubbie without two monkeys trying to take centre stage. I love my boys its just tough being a parent. Although if you do hire a nanny make sure you do adequate checks, you want a caring patient individual looking after your precious children. I think that’s why it’s so important to go through a proper established agency with thorough systems in place. Reading about these parents getting it wrong was heartbreaking, this article goes to show just how vital it is to make the right childcare recruitment decisions from the onset.

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