Ideas For Christmas Events

Lots of people are finishing work now in time for
Christmas. If you have a spare day or
two and you’re not sure how to fill it then this top 12 things to see at
Christmas is definite food for thought. 
We have been ice-skating and to our fair share of Santa grottos but that
list serves to highlight some of the bigger Christmas themed events. I wish we had been to a Christmas Market, I
have a thing for festive food and drink and the one in Manchester is the
biggest in the UK with over 300 stalls dotted around the city.

My eldest has started his antibiotics and is beginning
to recover from a particularly nasty spell of winter germs! He said he is a little fed up of watching films
now and I think he would like to do something else if he is well enough in
time. There is something on the
infographic for everyone.

Megabus travel to most of the destinations listed so if I cannot convince hubbie to drive least I know I can hop on a bus instead. You can see how affordable a journey actually is and book tickets from their website They even have a free seat promotion available from the 12th of January, you just pay the booking fee.

I have always wanted to go to the Eden Project so I think when the time comes I will try and go over the holiday season as the Winter Festival sounds well worth a trip! It’s the complete Christmas experience with live reindeer, ice-skating, story telling and Santa Claus himself. It’s a shame eldest had been so poorly I am sure we could have worked through a few of the list otherwise, I guess there is always next year to attempt more.

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