If I had a girl

My friend has just had a gorgeous baby girl; she is adorable and perfect in every way. I enjoyed going round for cuddles and it might have made me a teeny bit broody!

It would have been good to have another child with a bigger gap so I can appreciate them whilst the other two older boys are at school! My 21-month initial gap meant I had two little ones at home at the same time; my eldest enjoyed waking up his new brother as soon as he nodded off for his nap or rocking him in his baby chair so hard he would almost bounce right out! I also had to lots of nappy changes for a while!!!

But seeing as I cannot have another baby, hubbie has had the snip (boo hiss!) then I will just admire the gorgeous baby clothes on Petit Bateau instead. Fortunately my friends are still having babies like I said so there is always a sweet costume or cuddly toy I need to buy. I like picking out my favourite products for girls seeing as I am mainly found buying superhero outfits the boys ask for! Batman and Thor reign supreme the boys frown on glitter and sparkle. Pink they will tolerate in small doses and flowers are only something they like to pick for mummy (usually dandelions!) never a fashion choice.

Here is what I would choose from the site:

Baby Girl Twill Dress With Nasturtium Print (£40)

Baby Silkscreen Print
Velour Sleepsuit (£27)

If I am honest any girl of mine would not be all florals and pinks I would definitely add some other colours I personally love red! This jacket is lovely, with a girl it would just be nice to have a bigger pool of colours to pick from. Although eldest does have one pink t-shirt he deems acceptable!

Baby Girl Fleece-Lined Padded Jacket (£74)

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