My plans for 2015

Now the year is coming to a close its time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions.

I would love to focus on myself a little more now the boys are in full time education. It’s time to think about my own personal development and what changes I could make to improve our prospects as a family. We have mainly lived on Hubbie’s income but with me having more free time I should focus on finding gainful employment.

I am tempted to get an online career reading from TheCircle to give me some ideas and then perhaps I could focus my attentions that way. I am not getting any younger so I want to find the most suitable job for me with no time to waste. When you first leave university you feel you have all the time in the world, but I spent a good few years with Mr Wrong before finding Mr Right and settling down to have our lovely children. Soon I will be turning 36 with no firm career plans in mind just a vague idea of what I might be able to do.

Part of me would love to move into PR like some bloggers have successfully achieved. They have managed to turn a hobby into a career path. It’s hard guessing what the future might hold but at least if I head down that route I have some experience and knowledge deprived from three years blogging. Hopefully what started as a hobby might be the spring board to achieve so much more. The opportunities are out there but it’s just being fortunate and brave enough to seize them! I would quite happily manage social media pages for a company, help with blogger relationships and even try my hand at copy writing.

I do feel underutilised sometimes as my hubbie is so successful in his career. I would feel so much more positive if I could find a job for me and have a few more challenges to keep my brain ticking along nicely! Otherwise hubbie would just have a long list of domestic chores for me to do and the only people I would meet are other dog walkers when I take the puppy out!

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