My Puppy #CarpetStains

Do not be deceived yes my
puppy is rather gorgeous but she is also very mucky! Those eyes might work their magic on you but what comes out the other end is not quite so pretty I can tell you!!!

When she had not quite mastered toilet training she left a
sizeable and extremely smelly “present” on the carpet… just one of the many
gifts she has left us, along with my chewed trainers, a destroyed coat and half
a sock. Socks are actually her snack of
choice, but she is not fussy…

eats just about anything, crayons, little bits of LEGO, pieces of rubbish,
plaster from walls, you can just begin to imagine the consistency of her
accidents now! I do not even think the
word gross covers it! We had to take
her to the vets to see why she had such explosive recurring diarrhoea with
fetching flecks of different colours, which later turned out to be from the
crayons, of course!!!

carpet has not yet recovered from the incident with the puppy! I am always a little apprehensive having her
anywhere near soft furnishings at the moment. 
As a rule she is improving but you never know when the urge might take
her to leave another package for me to clear up!!! What’s worse is when she does decide to go she does not settle for one particular spot
but leave lots of little dots everywhere.

with a new puppy will sympathise with me I am sure, but do you have a carpet
stain story to triumph mine? If you do
then read more about the #CarpetStain
Campaign and have a chance to win a brand new carpet. Puppy poop stains might not be pleasant but
surely you can come up with something much worse! The funniest one will be very deserving of the new Carpetright carpet and everyone who enters can get a voucher for 20% off Dr.Beckmann stain removal products, always useful!

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