NOW TV Box Review

must admit I thought I was quite settled in my current TV arrangements but I wanted
to give the NOW TV box a chance as the opportunity to get involved in the #myonesieland
event was too tempting to miss.

First impressions were very positive
we had a limited edition box that looked very exciting; the LEGO Movie style
was an instant hit with my boys! Now I
have sampled the movies on offer through my nifty little box I will be sad to
see them go when my monthly pass runs out. 

It is very easy to navigate through
the entertainment and movie choices; the user face is simple and
effective. You can select by most popular, must see, genres and collections, so if your unsure what to watch you can soon find something that will entertain everyone.

I was overwhelmed with the sheer
choice available, plenty for hubbie and myself and the boys too. The films are popular choices, not ones you
have never heard off that have been relegated to the bargain bin at
Blockbusters! We have seen Muppets Most
Wanted as part of the #myonesieland event we were tweeting about on Saturday but other big
hits too like the Moshi Monsters film and The Croods. The movies on offer here are up to 12 months before other online
subscription services, this is a big PLUS for us as we enjoy family film time.

Its been a godsend, eldest
has been quite poorly running a fever and having a double ear infection so he
has enjoyed relaxing on the sofa with a vast choice of different films to pick
from. Also being spoilt with lots of
treats for the #myonesieland event did perk him up! He liked his penguin outfit especially. Thank you NOW TV and Mummy Constant for the opportunity.

I like the
flexibility the box offers, being contract free you can decide when you want to
buy an Entertainment Pass (£6.99 per month), Movies Pass (£9.99 per month) or
Sky Sports Pass (£10.99 for a week’s pass). 
If you are looking forward to something in particular being released or
the next big match you can add a subscription when you can afford it. If things are tight the following month you
can leave it for a while again. But I
have a feeling I will want the Movies Pass EVERY month, we have been spoilt
with the latest movies it will be hard going back to the dated options we were making do with before.

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