Our Bathroom Mood Board

In our new house we have three bathrooms in total, now
that sounds quite lucky really but in actual fact one is empty completely
(aside from some pipes), one is in a state of complete disrepair (including
rubble and no ceiling!) and the final one we actually use is probably not much
better either.

Looking at the pictures
you would never be envious of our house, not in the current state anyway!

I am only showing you two bathrooms as my washing pile is out of control in bathroom number 3!!! I might be a tad embarrassed!

need to make some progress with our bathrooms because if I am honest the one in
operation is not a tranquil place to head to relax. The tiles have holes in as it used to be a disabled bathroom and
we have taken off all the fixtures associated with that and the bath is missing
its panel (I think I must have put it in the skip in error as its completely
disappeared, I was a little overenthusiastic tidying up initially!!!). Half of the bathroom is committed to a wet
area, but the shower has a mind of its own and the boys seem to trail wet
footprints everywhere! I would much
prefer an enclosed shower unit.

reason for the standstill is all down to cost. 
But having had a look at the bathroom
furniture on Bella Bathrooms starting work on the bathrooms seems more of a
possibility. You can kit out a whole
bathroom at an affordable price. 
Looking at the site I have come up with a mood board of what I would
love to order in the New Year.

But the bathroom furniture is a big priority at the moment I have shelves lined up bubble bath, body wash and toothpaste! If I am honest it looks cluttered and messy. I would love to buy a proper storage unit to hide everything away so its minimalist and fresh looking! Then I might feel motivated to keep the bathroom looking tidy! Plus cabinets under the sink are great for hiding the pipes! You might as well make use of that redundant space.

Thank you Bella Bathrooms for helping me feel inspired and ready to tackle the problem bathrooms!

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