Our Christmas #PayPalMoments

been manic of late we have had winter germs to contend with, heaps of Christmas
activities to head too and the Christmas nativity and school shows to prepare
for. But even with all that I have been
much more calmer than usual, thanks to PayPal the presents are
all ordered and I have had more time on my hands. We have managed to squeeze in extra fun during the run up to
Christmas all because PayPal made shopping so easy for us; you can read all
about our positive experiences here.

year we started using an Elf
, so we have had our work cut out thinking of exciting items and
messages to leave outside it!

morning we left a pair of elf underpants and a little note saying sort out some
of your old clothes for charity. The
boys were amazed by the tiny pants and even more so when I showed them a
picture of them in the window of a charity shop with a price tag on!

have been to visit Santa in his grotto, I think we are on visit three so far but I am sure we have time to squeeze in a couple more yet!

headed to a Messy Church Christmas crafts themed session and youngest enjoyed
adding some extra sparkle on the Christmas tree with his homemade decoration.

have even had a Christmas party with my girls! 
It’s nice for the parents to let their hair down occasionally and I look
relaxed and happy with my friends because I am not panicking about last minute
gift buying!

have had no worries about hurriedly scheduling in a shopping trip or two we
just fill our time with lots of festive entertainment instead. As you can see thanks to PayPal we are
giving the boys (and ourselves!) a magical Christmas.

week PayPal are giving away one of five PS4’s in their Christmas Moments competition. I am sure that is one item on lots of
Christmas lists this year, so I for one am off to try my luck!

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