Plan of Action: London 2015

I am planning our holiday for next year and it looks like
London to see the boys godmummy! London
has so much going on and plenty to see, I thought rather than drag my good
friend to us we would make the most of the bright lights of the city and her
great hospitality! Well she did mention
in her Christmas card it would be nice to see us…

tend to like to be organised, down to every last little detail. I want to know what we will be doing so I
really like the Hotel
Direct Twitter Guide, produced to revolve around events in various cities
including London. Seeing as we will not
be getting away as much next year I want to feel I have packed in as much as
possible into our London trip.

twitter guide was launched in November, so although its relatively new you
would not think so looking at the website. 
It is already very well populated with a wide range of appealing events
and even has its own twitter group which is free to subscribe too. It’s very user friendly to navigate as a
whole, you can see all the information you need in one place, like prices,
location, whether you need a ticket and the closest hotel. I feel I have suddenly got a better grasp on
my holiday planning thanks to this twitter guide.

at the events happening now gives me some idea about when I would like to head
to London next year! I think a December
visit would be ideal. Winterville has
caught my eye, it has a whole kids quarter with plenty of entertainment dedicated
to children (ice rink, pantomime and fairground) and my favourite part naturally is the food and drink market, I would make a beeline for the Christmas table.

would really like to see Hogwarts in the Snow (14th of November 2014
to 1st Feb 2015) for its seasonal makeover, we have reviewed the Harry
Potter Studio Tour
already but somehow seeing Hogwarts looking so festive
is worthy of another trip surely!

is also a Santa Run in Battersea Park, the boys would think it is hilarious
seeing the sea of red Santa’s all racing along. Maybe they could encourage their godmummy to register; she has
done some running in her time and it does sound like it’s for a good cause. I would probably faint if I tried to run so
I will cheer encouragingly from the sidelines and hold her water bottle!

twitter guide covers many different areas so you will find an event to cater
for your own unique interests and pastimes. 
It is a useful resource for Londoners or those just stopping by! You can search by month and type of event so
its simple enough to find a suitable event for your own family. I will be continuing to use this guide
because there are so many events I am learning about that I never knew existed! I am a little sad we missed Brick 2014 in November, my two are massive LEGO fans.

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