Portable North Pole Our Experiences

head to the Portable North Pole
website every year so when a chance came to review it I was very happy to come
onboard. Its such an enchanting
experience and although we tend to usually go for the free options I wondered
how the paid for experience differed. 
It is one of the big highlights for my boys in the run up to Christmas
so if spending a few extra pounds made it even more special then I thought that
was one investment worth making.

I have heard from some parents with children slowly
turning into non-believers that the video actually recaptured the magic of
Christmas and renewed their belief again! 
I want my two to keep being captivated by Christmas for as long as
possible, it’s such a wonderful time of year. 
Portable North Pole has become one of our family traditions; it can also
help with tricky behaviour. You can add
to the video what you would like your child to work on, like listening, being
quieter around the house and so on, hearing Santa Claus tell them sinks in much
better than their actual parent mentioning it!


think I would spend the extra to have the enhanced options from the site; my
own personal favourite is the phone call from Santa. The look of astonishment on my boys faces when they took their
respective calls was fantastic to see. 
Hearing Santa speak to them by name and then congratulate them for their
hard work, they both did well in their school Christmas shows so I thought that
option was very apt, was extraordinary. 
You could hear the pair of them answering Santa back. The call is a recording but the way Santa
speaks leaves space for him to be involved in the conversation too, neither of
them had a clue it was anything but Santa live talking to them and them sweetly
talking back. 

phone calls can also focus on behaviour, encouraging your children or asking
them to try harder. I think its handy
having Santa on your side as the next couple of weeks can get a little
silly! I plan on using the phone call
again to give me a helping hand. If
they think Santa is falling out of favour with their behaviour they will soon
fall back into line again!

are 22 storylines for the phone calls and if it had not been for my review I
might have missed that section entirely. 
It costs £3.99 for three calls in my opinion this is a great price for a
unique memory! How often does a child get
a personal call from Santa! I would however
suggest buying the holiday pass at £7.49 so you can have calls and video’s a
plenty this holiday season.

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