Take Advantage of Flexible Working

It can be hard juggling a job and
children, that’s why I like the flexibility of working from home blogging but I
have on occasion dabbled with alternate employment, working in a supermarket,
the school canteen and a charity shop (I have a lustrous career path I can tell

Everything starts out quite
promising but then the germs come along and I need time off or the ability to
finish early to take them to various appointments. Hubbie is the main bread winner so he always gets a little
disgruntled if his working arrangements need to be changed so I was grateful to
learn about my right to request flexible working. So when I venture back into employment outside the home I will
feel more comfortable that my childcare arrangements will be better catered

have an interesting article that discusses your rights in length. I think its best to be prepared before you
broach the subject with your boss! Know
what exactly the law entitles you to. 
You have the government behind you so if you need to reduce your hours,
finish at a different time or you would like to work from home every now and
then you are perfectly within your rights to ask. They cannot just say no anymore, but are obliged to provide a
valid reason if they are unable to make those changes.

Hopefully this will make it
easier for more parents to work. Their handy infographic gives you useful guidelines as to how you should propose
changes to your working hours, making sure you back up your idea with lots of
benefits for them. For me being able to
finish to pick up the children from school would mean I am happier in the
workplace, I would be focused on my job without worrying how the children would get on with additional childcare. It sounds like a flexible workplace is better for everyone!!!

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