Teksta T-Rex Review

We were sent a Teksta T-Rex from Debenhams, they retail at £60 so we did have high expectations. Visually the product looks great we were just curious if the functionality would live up to the price.

I have two boys aged 5 and 7 so any toy needs to be tough and able to withstand high levels of stress! Also we have a very lively puppy that is keen to gnaw on anything she finds, so I really need toys built to last. The Teksta T-Rex feels like a quality product so I think you can be forgiving of the price. 

The T-Rex makes a fabulous interactive pet, if your children are begging for a real pet this Christmas one of the Teksta range may well placate them for a few more years! Having just had a puppy and dealing with toilet training I know which the easier option is. 

The dinosaur is easy to control and you get lots of options so it’s a toy children shouldn’t tire of quickly. You can move the dinosaur, see him chew on his bone and even witness a cheeky burp when he has finished! Its mouth opens quite big to hold the entire bone and its funny seeing it chuck it out when it’s had enough to eat! He can throw it surprisingly far considering.

I really think the use of hand gestures will be a huge novelty for children, you just wave your hand in front of your new friend and it will stop. I think it’s better trained than our puppy already! I think we will be using this T-Rex to patrol the living room and keep the puppy away from the sofa, she loves chewing everything at the moment and we have a large hole in one of the cushions already! But a snapping roaring dinosaur might get the puppy to fall into line and behave… 

If you give it a fuss by stroking its face it will respond by tilting side to side as if it’s enjoying the attention. You can add an app to your tablet for more options, but mine were happy to play with it as it was. Sometimes adding an app lures them back into screen time! 

Make sure you have 4AA batteries in stock to power your friend!

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