A Happier Home from January

Well 2015 is here and with it all my good intentions like
being more frugal for one! I want to
make some real savings this year so I can be better prepared for next winter; I
know I still need to survive this one first but please don’t remind me! Our heating costs are spiralling out of
control, my own fault for buying a bigger house and then making improvements
but not ones that would directly help us for the colder months! When you buy in spring and move in during
summer you do not think ahead to when it’s freezing and your desperate to get
warm. With some forward planning we
should have approached the renovation differently but we just jumped in and
starting making changes, not thinking of the foreseeable future.

want to get behind the happier homes vision; we could certainly do with feeling
more content here. Winter has hit us
hard, we need to make savings so we can attempt more renovation work later in
the year. I would like a wood burner
installed so we can turn off the heating and have one cosy family room when we
need it most. Even when our heating is
working flat out we do not feel any real benefit, we do not have ceilings in a
few rooms or insulation so lots of warmth goes straight out the roof! I went in to the room to take a picture to show you and then promptly left again its so very cold in there!!! I made a point of shutting the door firmly behind me again.

did the energy quiz and it said I was on the right track so that’s something; I
always do full loads of washing (I do not really have a choice otherwise I
would be lost under a pile of it somewhere!) and I TRY and put appliances on
standby. But the more I adopt a saving energy lifestyle the more disposable income we will have to spend where we
need it most! So hopefully next year I
will not look so cold and be better prepared!

equal measure if you’re on a water meter then it’s definitely important to see how to save water, fortunately that’s one area we are okay with as we are not on a
meter! That’s not to say we go crazy,
it’s too cold to strip off and shower so we are probably saving water
anyway! My favourite fact from the
Happier Homes website is that you can use 11 times less water using a
dishwasher than doing dishes by hand! 
So if you’re trying to convince your other half to let you buy one there
is your justification!!!

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