Attipas Baby & Toddler Shoes Competition

baby items make me feel broody because they are so cute and adorable and these
gorgeous little shoes manage to do just that! 
It’s a shame my boys missed out on getting a chance to review them, but
at 5 and 7 years old even with all the will in the world they will not manage
to squeeze into these.

The designs are very attractive with a nice selection to
pick from (leopard print and the pink corsage shoes are my personal favourite!)
but it’s also a hugely practical shoe.

They are lightweight so manageable for little ones to get around in, its
pitched as being the same as wearing socks so you might find your child more
keen to wear them especially when they feel so comfortable and flexible on
their feet.

These shoes have been planned with babies and toddlers
development in mind; the big toe box especially helps improve cognitive and
motor development. So not only do these
shoes look great they are also very clever shoes.

Attipas have thought of absolutely
everything when developing these shoes, they are breathable so babies feet will
not get too hot and they are non-slip. 
I think that is so important, I remember my boys having difficulty with
the laminate flooring when they were younger so the non-slip element is very
reassuring if you have that type of flooring in your house. Most parents are safety conscious so that
aspect will appeal to them no end.

am also pleased to hear about the chosen materials making up the shoe, nothing
hazardous has been used so you can feel confident you are providing your child
with a non-toxic choice of shoe that is perfect to support their first steps.

sizes available in the UK are UK 2.5 – 5.5. If you would like
the chance to win two pairs of these wonderful shoes then please fill out the
form below by the 12th of February.

Win 2 pairs of Attipas Baby & Toddler Shoes

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