Baroo Toddler Bedding Competition

my boys growing up at the rate of knots it’s a shame when I get offered lovely
items to review but my boys have already outgrown that magical window of
opportunity! So I thought it would be
nice to offer a lovely competition instead. 
Baroo duvet sets are so adorable I
am sure my followers would be keen to have a chance of winning one.

duvet sets are beautiful to look at, lovely designs that will encourage your
little one to get snuggled up in bed. 
The Ellefunk is my personal favourite; the cute patterned elephants
would brighten any nursery.

like how they look fresh and modern and the available choice would accommodate
most toddlers bedrooms.

toddler bedding is made with 100% cotton so makes for a pleasant experience to
sleep in. As parents we want to do
everything in our power to encourage sleep, as not getting enough can be
hellish for everyone! A polycotton
blend can make your little one feel hotter through the night as it’s not as breathable
as cotton so it’s worth researching your bedding and Baroo is the ideal place
to start.

a big deal when your toddler moves out of their cot, you want to mark the
occasion with some pomp and ceremony, making a fuss of them for being so clever
and letting them have some nice new bedding to make sure they embrace the
change. The duvet sets at Baroo are
perfectly sized for junior beds and converted cot beds.

do plenty more other than bedding so its worth having a nose around their site
and familiarising yourself with all their wonderful products.

enter the competition to win a duvet set of your choice (worth £24.99) please
fill out the form below by the 16th of February.

Baroo Bedding Competition

235 thoughts on “Baroo Toddler Bedding Competition

  1. looks good and need new duvet for when grand-daughter sleeps here, she wet bed last time and trying to wash and dry duvet in washer and tumble dryer it got caught and tore big hole in it

  2. Would love to win this for my daughter. Its so hard to find toddler bedding. She has a toddler bed with quilt and pillow but im using single bed bedding and its just way to big and i have to tuck it all under the mattress

  3. Oh what absolutely beautiful designs! I'm sure our little ones would sleep better with these … or sleep at all – that would be a bonus! 🙂

  4. wish I'd known about this site a couple of months ago because I had to buy new bed linen and was disappointed with the choice. These seem really bright and fresh

  5. the designs look gorgeous, beautiful colours used and unisex designs which arnt just cream/beige! both my girls get very sweaty over night to 100% cotton bedding is brilliant else i have to change bedding during the night/every day as they sweat so much!

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