Ben and Holly Little Kingdom Live Competition

youngest used to be a big fan of Ben and Holly; he went to see this performance
when it first toured back in January 2013 and had the most magical time. You can read the review
to have some idea of what kind of things to expect but I for one know lots of
children are going to be over the moon that the 2nd tour commences this

children will laugh and be thoroughly entertained that’s for sure. It is a must see performance for fans of the
television show. Even now with my boys aged
almost 6 and 7 if an episode of Ben and Holly came on at a younger friends
house they would soon find themselves watching. The enchanting animation is very funny especially as the magic
seems to go wrong with regularity!

theatre production manages to capture all of the wonder, comedy and charm of
the series, including a jelly flood scene!

theatre show runs from the 26th of March until the 6th of
September and the beautiful story teaches children the value of family values
and the importance of having fun! 
Usually with young children you always worry they will get a little distracted
and run a muck in the theatre aisles but with a show like this they will not
want to lose focus on the performance itself. 
My youngest was completely absorbed along with his little girlfriend at
the time.

can find more information regarding the venues and tour dates on the Ben and Holly website. I have kindly been offered TWO sets of
family tickets to giveaway so if you would like to enter then please fill
out the form below by the 17th of February.

Ben and Holly Live Family Tickets


A family ticket is for four
people, minimum one adult. The tickets are non-transferable. There are no cash
alternatives. Accommodation or travel are not included in this prize.

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