Braun Satin Hair 7 Review

I love my new hair dryer,
my last one was on its last legs. I had
it for years but it was not doing my hair any favours, this offering from Braun
is so much better. Technology has come
on along way since I last bought a hair dryer and this one offers professional
styling results in the comfort of your own home. It can be expensive if you keep having your hair done in a
hairdresser so it pays dividends to have good styling products to hand.

I already have an IONTEC
hairbrush (it was featured on my gift
) so I was thrilled to have the same technology in my hair dryer
too. Millions of active IONs are
released which help with tackling frizz and smoothing hair. I must admit its hard finding time to focus
on me, so having a hairbrush and now a hair dryer that calm my wild hair make
styling significantly easier of a morning.

I own straighteners but if
I dry my hair from wet whilst brushing it I can skip the straighteners stage
completely if I’m in a rush (which is most of the time!). I am not particularly girly and I am quite
clueless when it comes to getting the best out of my appearance. But even I cannot go wrong when I own a hair
dryer like this; it seems to be restoring the natural shine and vitality to my

Braun Satin
Hair 7 (£49.99) offers so many great features; my only regret is not
getting one sooner. I do tend to be the
kind of person who tries to get as much life out of my purchased products as I
can but when you do that your missing out on a whole new exciting world of hair
drying!!! It is so sophisticated and
very intelligent, my previous hair dryer could be switched on and off and that
was about it. This one actually has in
built sensor technology; it feels the air and adjusts the heat control
accordingly. It’s much healthier for
your hair having this rather than blasting it at a high heat the whole time.

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