Braun ThermoScan 7 Review

have an older Braun Ear thermometer already, I have always relied on it heavily
when the boys are unwell, I think every parent should own one if I am honest as
temperatures can be scary to deal with in young children especially. If you do not manage to bring a fever down
then sadly children can have a febrile
, my youngest had one of these and it was the scariest thing I
have ever seen. We had not realised he
was unwell so his temperature spiked and caught us unaware even though I always
carry my trusty Braun ear thermometer and plenty of Calpol as a rule!

owning an ear thermometer has helped us countless other times, knowing when to
administer medicine and take other measures like reducing clothing or changing
their duvet to a sheet when they are sleeping. 
It has saved us having to go through another scary experience like that. The boys have never had a problem with Braun
ear thermometers they have even slept through most of my nightly temperature
checks. You soon get the hang of it and
its not uncomfortable in the ear, we liked our Braun thermometer so much we
bought one for my parents house. Then
we could rest easy when the boys were there on a sleepover. My parents even use it when they feel ill,
my mum bless her thought the shaking of the fever meant my dad was cold and
kept covering him in more blankets, fortunately having a method to check
temperature accurately has helped her change her methods!!!

were keen to see what the ThermoScan
7 offered as its the latest technology, I liked how it had the age
precision guide. I think this is a fabulous
addition to a family essential. I had
never thought about how a doctor’s definition of a fever changed with a child’s
age, so being able to set the thermometer to the age of your child before
taking a reading is a very useful feature. 
The options are 0-3 months, 3-36 months and 36+ months and it’s easy to
select the age you want. I think if your wondering what gift to get for a new parent a Braun ThermoScan 7 (£49.99) is a thoughtful idea for first time parents. It can be nerve wracking becoming a parent but having technology like this can help you weather those exhausting bouts of germs that do the rounds again and again!

only thing I would say is make sure you keep a generous supply of disposable
lens filters in stock, if your children become unwell its surprising how
quickly you can work your way through them. 
It’s a hygienic solution and avoids the inconvenience of having to clean
the thermometer after every use. I
think I do get a little carried away too, I like to see that the medicine is
taking effect or swapping fleecy pyjamas for underpants is bringing the
temperature down satisfactorily, so I probably do more checks than most! But a product like this definitely makes nursing a poorly child easier; you know you are doing everything in your power to make
them feel comfortable. Although if you have any concerns its best to take your child straight to a doctor.

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