Claiming Back My Evening

I was very poorly at the
end of last month with tonsillitis, I think sometimes I exhaust myself juggling a million posts and trying to respond to all my blog emails. Often I can be found burning the midnight
oil, still frantically typing to get a post or another finished in time then crawling into bed not having achieved much else of an evening. As I have been doing relief work in the
school canteen more regularly I have had less time to commit to my blog, on
those days I always feel guilty unless I commit a big chunk of my evening to
writing up a competition or a review or just working behind the scenes catching
up with queries and work proposals.

But its important to
unwind and relax, I enjoy reading and have a giant stack of chick lit I need to work my way
through. My mum is hoping I make a move so she can read them after me! I would love to bring back
date night with hubbie and enjoy some evenings together, I am terrible if I am
close to a computer I have to check my emails or throw a few likes on
instagram for good measure. I do not know the meaning of
switching off, hubbie on the other hand is just as bad but he is all about playing
computer games, he is back on World of Warcraft so he is usually lost in that or trying to do another level on Candy Crush on his phone.

of us need to commit more time together as a couple and detach ourselves from
technology! I fancy heading to the
cinema or a trip to the Bingo halls. When I was at university I
was quite fond of bingo and getting stuck in the excitement of seeing if my numbers would pop
up! In our rural village we do not have
a regular bingo event unfortunately, the school do a yearly
fundraiser that hubbie and I both really enjoy.

I guess we could make an exception for the odd bit of screen time if we were both on the same
computer but only to have an evening game of bingo! If we had a nice win we could book a holiday (minus our phones!). I definitely need to find a new hobby, I can
blog working hours and of an evening learn to relax like most other people! Even when I watch TV I do it with one eye on
my blog…

One thought on “Claiming Back My Evening

  1. Your life sounds so busy. I am the same always on social media or looking at things on my phone instead of spending time with my other half when the children are in bed. I have never played bingo before though although my aunty does and often has big wins x

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