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my poor son has had quite sore and tender hands, the weather plays havoc with
his skin. He does not dry his hands
particularly well so this is something I am trying to drum into him; we have
also taken to using skincare products afterwards because it was upsetting him having such
discomfort. He even got to the point he
stopped taking soft toys to bed as he thought the fluffy ones were making his
hands worse. I felt really sorry for
the poor love.

Fortunately with lots of cream and a better hand drying
routine, he is starting to see an improvement, the whole section is almost
cleared up entirely. But its very
common with young children, my friend’s daughter has a painful section on her
face under her mouth where she keeps licking its very red and raw. Fortunately it’s amazing how quickly they
recover with the right product for their skin.

My eldest at the moment has itchy skin on his chest; I think
something must have irritated him, so in an effort to stop him manically
itching I have been covering him in cream instead. It seems to have done the trick as he settles off to sleep now
and leaves it in peace. I am not quite
sure what set him off this time but it must have been some form of contact dermatitis. I know when we changed laundry detergent
before now he had a bad reaction; since we have stuck with Fairy it has been
much better.

have teamed up with E45 to giveaway one of their standard bottles and one of
their overnight hand creams to two lucky winners! If you struggle to comment on my blog I am also giving away a set
to one winner over on my facebook page. 
But for the competition here just fill in the form below by the 15th
of February.

Win a set of two E45 products

113 thoughts on “E45 Competition

  1. Use moisturiser regularly, keep hydrated and especially in this season beware of extremes of temperature – wear hats and gloves but also be careful of having the heating too high as that can dry skin too

  2. I try to avoid really hot baths and showers, stick to natural materials and make sure I slap some E45 on my shins, which are particularly bad for drying out in the winter, before I leave the house.

  3. Sadly I've realised I need to avoid scorching hot baths that leave me looking like a boiled beetroot. I find them sooo relaxing but the itchy dry skin they leave me with for days isn't worth it

  4. I use E45 everyday (and have done for years). I have really dry skin on my hands (especially my knuckles) and they are always tight and crack. E45 helps me.

  5. It's the switches in temperature that are the problem here at this time of year – coming inside from the cold air to a hot house dries our hands out! Also being careful not to use water that's too hot when washing cold hands.

  6. I have to wash my hands a lot as a midwife and E45 is perfect for me. No nasty perfumes to irritate my hand even further 🙂

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