Early January 2015

have been meaning to write updates about our life weekly like other bloggers
do, so I can remember what we get up to as a family more than anything. I have a terrible memory and I have enjoyed
going back through my blog and reading the odd personal nugget about our family
life, the funny things the boys would say or just looking back at pictures of
them when they were much younger. So
its high time I put a few minutes aside to remember our days so they do not get

its fallen by the wayside as I have managed to miss Week 1 somehow! So what have I forgotten to say, well we had
a lovely walk in the woods, a good 4 mile brisk hike was just what we needed to
burn off some of the energy the boys and the puppy have.

We have been playing a lot of board games
with the colder weather; the boys are especially enjoying Catch Phrase and The
Magic Tooth Fairy Game. In Winter I am
glad I have reviewed so many board games as they really do come in handy.

the boys had parents evening, both are doing very well. Eldest is one of the brightest in his class
apparently that pleased me no end! His
teacher said he starts the day off very enthusiastically but then gets a little
lazy with his work, he knows he has the knowledge in there though which is the
main thing! Youngest is doing well with
maths and is very polite in his class, but he struggles to sit quietly for mat
time and needs to work on his writing. 
So we have a couple of aims and targets but the main thing is they are
thriving in school. Hubbie and I could
not be more proud.

we went to my friends and the boys had a “chocolate party”! She had melted down lots of her Christmas
chocolate and the boys could help themselves to marshmallows and strawberries. Eldest overdid it I think as he ended up
with stomach ache, he can get a little carried away when it comes to the sweet
stuff bless him. I should really
monitor how much he has, as he tends to feel poorly if he overindulges.

we had a lovely delivery of a brand new washing machine, a competition win for
my BEKO mood board. It was such a treat
as our current washing machine was on its last legs! Hubbie had to regularly pull it apart and try and fix it and it
was always making the most peculiar sounds.

I let the boys have a friend each over from school, we had chips from the
chippie and they probably all spent a bit too much time on their respective
screens! I do need to encourage them to
play with all their other toys, but I do find it harder than normal when they
have company over.

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