Lumie Bodyclock Iris Review

do not function well without enough sleep, having two boys who like to get up
early and often having disturbed nights with nightmares or germs I feel like
turning straight back over first thing! 
I was thrilled to be reviewing the Lumie
Bodyclock Iris as I have always fancied one of these gradual lights that slowly
brightens or fades depending on if you are trying to wake or fall asleep.

of people have difficulty falling to sleep; they might be worrying about
something or have spent too much time on a screen and not unwound adequately
before bed. Lying awake desperate for
sleep can be miserable existence day to day so this is when the Lumie can
really help! Not only do you have a light
that slowly fades just like a real sunset you can also add a aromatherapy oil
to compliment the experience, so it gives your body cues to naturally go to

have seen a few different types of these lights but never one as sophisticated
as this. For me the aromatherapy
chambers make it stand out well above the competition. If you have always been tempted to use one
of these lights its worthwhile spending a bit more so you have all the
functions you could possibly need. You
can choose what scented oil suits you best as there are two separate chambers
one which will release before sleep and one when you wake, so its best to pick
the oil most appropriate for the situation. 
To encourage sleep lavender works well or perhaps a chamomile
essential oil to soothe and relax you and in the morning lemon or Eucalyptus can be very
effective for energy levels and making you feel ready
to face the day.

It is certainly helping with martial bliss hubbie and I
normally always argue over who’s turn it is to get up first, but with the light
mimicking sunrise teamed up with the refreshing lemon aromatherapy oil we have
been using it is leaving us much more energetic and alert and willing to start the
day. It means no more mad panic first
thing in the morning as instead of trying to get a sneaky lie in we are up
preparing breakfast and getting the boys clothes ready for school in good time.

The Lumie Bodyclock Iris
has an RRP of £160 which might seem steep but once you have tried it you will
soon wonder why you did not invest in one sooner. The manual is very comprehensive and explains all the extensive
features of the product. There are some functions we have yet to use but its
handy knowing they are there if we need to use them in the future. You can use it as a security light if you
are away from home (coming on randomly as if someone is actually in the house) or it can
become a nightlight to be used throughout the night. 
The RRP suddenly seems very reasonable when you factor in how much the
Lumie Bodyclock offers; especially at this time of year winter is especially
hard with the lack of bright light. I am glad its become less of a struggle for us.

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  1. I would love to give one of these a try, I've always had trouble getting to sleep and even more trouble getting up in the morning. I would struggle to convince my hubby that the price tag was worth it though 🙁

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