Milton Sterilising Travel Kit Competition

When you have a baby you suddenly realise just how
terrifying germs actually are! You want
to keep your little one safe and protected, not feeling ill or running a
temperature so it’s a good idea to keep everything sterilised clean. When you’re a new parent you might not know
what products are best to use, but Milton has been used by millions of parents
and is a great option. Milton have won
a considerable number of awards for their products, so you can feel confident
they are ideal for you and your family.

have a Milton Sterilising Travel Kit to giveaway, which includes a Milton Solo Travel Steriliser, a Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser, Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel, Milton Antibacterial
surface wipes, Milton Standard
Sterilising Tablets and Milton Mini Sterilising Tablets. 
The winner will have everything they need to keep their baby feeding equipment
sterilized on the go, whether out for a day or away for a longer holiday.

Lots of germs are spread through contact
with our hands, so using a Hand Gel will quickly kill germs and stop them
spreading and causing further mischief!

so important to get into a good routine sterilising as a baby has a weaker
immune system until they are 12 months old. 
Bacteria are quite partial to milk too so can soon cause problems if
equipment is not cleaned thoroughly. I
do love the idea of a portable Soother steriliser most of all, hands up if your
baby dropped their dummy and you “cleaned” it by sticking it in your own mouth!
I think we have all probably done this one time or another. But I always panicked I might be giving them
some extra germs rather than actually making the soother any cleaner. It never stopped me from doing it but then I
never owned a nifty portable Soother steriliser!

really handy being able to sterilise with cold water and their special tablets
or fluid in only 15 minutes. This prize
bundle will make sterilising that much easier for you and help you understand
the importance of protecting your baby from germs.

If you would like to enter
the competition then please kindly fill out the form below by the 5th
of February.

Milton Sterilising Travel Kit Competition

124 thoughts on “Milton Sterilising Travel Kit Competition

  1. I cant remember what my comment was supposed to be about! Im entering to win this for my friend whos expecting her first baby and has nothing as yet. I used milton with my babies and Ive seen lots of new mums with the dummy holder thingy and they all really like them.

  2. Milton has been around for years, remember using there sterilized tablets for my daughters bottles, she's expecting her own now.

  3. i keep a pack of the the anti-bac wipes in my changing bag – they have been really handy for dropped toys, and for wiping down high chairs when we go out and about as they arent always very clean.

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