Pacca Alpaca App & Adoption Competition

My boys have been putting this app through its paces and are
both very favourable they like the colourful graphics and the content. My boys are 5 and 7 and really enjoyed it
but it is probably most suited for younger children. Pacca the main character is very likeable and the whole app is
perfectly tailored to appeal to young inquisitive minds, I think a three-year
old+ would really benefit from it.

There is lots to interact with on the screen, it’s a very
responsive app so will easily amuse and entertain your child. It has interesting sound effects and when
you click on something it might fly off or make a different noise, so it
certainly engages children and makes them want to continue playing and

On top of that its very educational, the games are
multilingual to help your child develop another language. They can learn numbers, colours and shapes
too all in a fascinating way. With a
click on the map you’re transported into one of the wonderful area’s to complete
a task. The app gives your child lots
of praise too like “good job” to make them d feel positive and confident they
are doing well. It is a vast game so it
should keep your child out of mischief for some time; it is great value for the
purchase price. You can buy the app
from iTunes for £2.99 or from Google Play for £2.49.

I am giving away an Pacca Alpaca app code (this can only be redeemed
on iTunes sorry) so you can introduce your child to this magical adventure and also
an alpaca adoption so you can immerse yourself in everything alpaca! The adoption package is worth £45. You have a choice of lots of cute alpaca’s
to pick from; I don’t envy you having to narrow it down to one. Although Bertie Boy has caught my eye, the
little charmer, he has lots of energy just like my boys!

If you would like to enter this lovely competition simply fill out the
form below by the 21st of February.

Pacca Alpaca App & Adoption Competition

83 thoughts on “Pacca Alpaca App & Adoption Competition

  1. Looks a great app for keeping youngsters entertained and looks fun and educational so that must be a win/win

    Have had a look at the alpaca site too and yes it would be difficult to choose one to adopt.

    Thanks for the chance to win x

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