PetShop Review

had her own delivery last week and to be honest it came in the nick of time,
the poor puppy was beyond bored as she was on vet enforced crate rest after
being spayed. She looked down in the
dumps as she is used to her freedom pottering around the house, dragging her
toys everywhere and having her “mad moments”.

hated having to confine her to the crate so much but it worked wonders on her
stitches she healed perfectly! She made
light work of the Hills
Ideal Balance Dog Treats she was sent, probably keen to comfort eat to make
life more bearable! I let her out just for the photo opportunity.

she is well and can enjoy her normal routine again, her tail is wagging
uncontrollably, she is back to being a boisterous puppy! The Happy Pet Dog Toy we
were sent is a godsend, she requires lots of entertainment, but this particular
toy helps her occupy herself as she throws the ball on the string and chases it
around! She does this for ages and
wears off some of her crazy puppy energy!!! 
It is funny to see.

I like the PetShop website because of the range of products, little Summer has a habit of crying
if she is not amused, it gets to the point I would gladly pay out good money to
keep her in chews and toys to stop her whining quite so much. As I write this blog post I keep throwing
her toy to get a moment to type! But
she is still only a baby at six months really, so it’s no surprise she loves
her attention.

think it’s also clever that they have a Bottomless Bowl subscription service available on their
site. Hands up if you have ever run out
of pet food!?! I know we have and hubbie has had to dash to the supermarket
last thing and try and re-stock! But if
your dog’s stomach is used to a particular brand it is worthwhile making sure
you do not run out so they do not have any toilet problems adjusting so they
can automatically re-order for you!

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